For centuries humans have used rubdown for healing reasons to assist eliminate strain and tension constructed up inside the muscle mass. Pregnancy is worrying, due to the excessive weight gain and pregnant woman can benefit from a therapeutic rub down to assist relieve the stretching, aching muscular tissues. Pregnancy requires a distinct method though, however the benefits, if accomplished proper, assist add to a wholesome prenatal care. A pregnant lady needs to discover a massage therapist who has schooling and certification to give prenatal massages. They recognize the way to rubdown a pregnant mom competently with out harming her or the toddler.


Because massage acts to lessen stress it facilitates a pregnant mom to sense comfy, and this enables her to be more healthy due to the fact she has comfort from the muscle pressure. Massage enables to relieve melancholy symptoms as it offers an normal correct feeling. Swedish rub down works to improve circulation and lymphatic system with the point of interest on muscle corporations throughout the body. Swedish rub down is secure for being pregnant because it works to goal regions that exchange due to being pregnant hormones, which include the loosening of the joints and muscle tissue relieving the most not unusual discomforts of a growing being pregnant.

Massage Regulates Hormones and Reduces Swelling

Pregnancy hormones surge thru the mother, often making her feel pain. Because secure massages facilitates with flow, it additionally allows with typical properly-being, and that includes hormone regulation, because when the mom is stress-loose, her hormones will stay balanced. Stress reasons hormones to vary. A correct massage will resource the frame in releasing extra serotonin and dopamine (experience appropriate hormones) and facilitates to reduce the stress hormones of cortisol and norepinephrine (pressure producers). This helps the pregnant mother to loosen up and reduces the times of preterm labour problems.

Swelling is just part of pregnancy, and the swelling impacts the muscle groups and joints inflicting soreness. A exact rub down facilitates to relieve the swelling with the aid of inflicting the gentle tissues to lessen the fluid build-up. This aids the frame in doing away with the excessive fluids, which enables to feature to the consolation of the pregnant mother.


It is risky to receive a rub down from a person who is not certified to do prenatal massages. Only those who have right certification and training are certified to give a pregnant woman a safe rub down. Seek out specialists who can show their credentials and references. Pregnant girls require specialized treatment to permit for their growing stomach. Avoid tables with holes, which permit the stomach to stretch unnecessarily. Instead, a professional massage therapist could have her to lie on her side, to help the developing stomach.

Who should not have a prenatal rubdown?

Any pregnant girl who is experiencing a high-threat pregnancy have to keep away from a prenatal rubdown. High hazard situations which includes excessive blood stress from preeclampsia or PIH, at threat for preterm labour and premature birth. Other than those conditions, a pregnant female ought to ask her health care issuer if she is k to have a prenatal rub down. Generally if she is in accurate health, prenatal rubdown is safe, but some accept as true with it is risky for a lady in her first trimester, feeling it could increase the chance for miscarriage.

Fran Kehoe is a totally certified and insured Sports and remedial rubdown therapist with ITEC Diplomas in Sports Massage, Reflexology, Anatomy & Physiology, Holistic Massage and a FHT Certificate at The Massage Centre, Chiswick.

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