In this post I will be examining the personal keychain alarm with light-weight. I will cover options, success, and whom it is best fitted to. Not all private alarms are developed equivalent.


· The keychain is like every other keychain that holds keys; the intriguing section relating to this one is your keys are connected to the box about the size of an auto remote lock using a stress button and lightweight.

· The alarm has two purpose modes; a light press about the stress button emits a loud warning chip; depress the button completely and it emits a 118 decibel alarm that stays on till you depress the button again. 118 decibels is reminiscent of a jet aircraft choose off at one hundred yards.

· The light functions properly to locate the custom wood keychains keyhole on your automobile door or entry doorway at nighttime or to seek out anything dropped within the movie theater.


· To test the usefulness I went to various different locations; all were being community parts like outdoor markets, parks and browsing malls; parking loads & parking garages; strip mall shops and dining establishments. And yes I did have some confrontations with security personnel and store supervisors.

· Out of doors markets, parks and searching malls; Most of the people were not keen on executing something other than going on their own way quickly. What a shock in today’s occasions. Having said that persons did get detect, roughly fifty five% and of People at the very least one particular person questioned if I wanted support at Every area.

· Parking plenty & parking garages; 35% of men and women in the final area seemed in my direction. One particular out on the 5 sites I examined questioned if I wanted aid.

· Strip mall shops and restaurants; ninety% of people turned to find out what was taking place. I attribute that to fewer persons thinking anyone else will help As well as in a small space you want to know what’s going on that might have an effect on you.

· To summarize Success: in any respect places people took recognize, some requested if I want aid. Now would they’ve got engaged if I had been below attack? I do not know? I wish to many thanks so. I did learn that at indoor spots the response was much better than that of out of doors places. I’m guaranteed the alarm is more audible indoors contributing to People benefits. I do think over each of the Keychain alarm with light was powerful in receiving the attention of Individuals around, and I would look at it successful personal protection and self protection product or service.

Ideal suited for:

· Mom and Dad: The alarm is ideal for Young ones (with proper instruction, like not crying wolf). Suppose you ended up purchasing with your son or daughter and for a single instance you took your eye off them; that is certainly all of the more time it will take for them being taken. Even so if that they had the alarm they could thrust the stress button alerting you in their area and Other people about achievable even scaring from the abductor.

· Grandma and Grandpa: for the same factors as above along with their unique security. Not only for muggers but when they slide and wish assistance attending to their feet.

In Summary: The keychain alarm with light is little, light body weight, quick to carry and a powerful way to provide interest to yourself in your time of have to have. In today’s Sector area the keychain alarm with gentle is actually a productive merchandise for the size, functions and price. Recall the most beneficial time to know your lesson about private safety and self defense is prior to anything occurs.

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